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Pub Dates

May 8, 2023

Amie's high seas adventure is officially out! Join us as we launch Isles in style together at a live event in Melbourne, Australia.

Don't forget: we have some spoiler chat episodes coming up! You can ask us anything about Nightbirds and The Isles of the Gods and we'll answer you without any of those thoughtful "I can't divulge too much" pauses. For the Nightbirds spoiler chat, make sure to send your questions to our Pub Dates email (pubdates AT gmail dot com) OR leave us a voice message over on SpeakPipe by the end of May, 2023.

Make sure to sign up for the Pub Dates newsletter that publishes each time a new episode drops. Sign up for our individual newsletters at Amie and Kate's websites. You can now buy both The Isles of the Gods AND Nightbirds wherever good books are sold.